Know a face your customer

Fritz cam offers the fastest, simplest, and most accurate business solution that utilizes the latest face recognition technology. From improving customer service, energy saving, deeper data or smarter access, you will know your business and customers like never before.

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Why Fritz cam ?

Why you should choose Fritzcam

AI Meet Human

How to analyze Customer behavior inside the store.

Innovation Retail

Improve significant service level

Safe Your Business

Business secured from unwanted visitors

About Us

PT. Andal Wahana Sinergi (AWASIN) is a company engaged in smart automation. Our company has successfully developed wireless based devices and started developing wireless based input and output modules with AWASIN brand The founders of PT. Andal Wahana Sinergi makes home automation products that are very flexible in the application, affordable price, and easy in maintenance and provide good after sales for each of our customers.

Our Satisfied Customers

The Goods Dept.

The Goods Dept.


It is the hub for alternative fashion and lifestyle products from young, independent Indonesian designers and a selection of international brands.

Three Second.

Three Second.


Fashion Men and Women in the form of Clothes, T-Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Accessories, Knit quality with the best designs.

Tata Logam.

Tata Logam.


Tatalogam Lestari is the largest metal and light metal tile company in Indonesia.




Logistics has grown and developed into foremost and experienced logistics company which leads logistics world in Indonesia with the capability and competence to provide a total logistics solution through operation of its subsidiaries.

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